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Space Tim Media is producing podcasts and sending them to the stars. Want a seat on the voyage? Hit the button below.

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Reach The Stars

Spaceships need a powerful propulsion system, and so does your business. You wouldn't be in the position you're at now without building a strong sales funnel.

We want to help you create a new lead generation tool that will be nearly self-sufficient. We do it by helping you line up interviews with those dream clients making an invaluable first contact point to build the relationship into a sale.

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Navigate The CosmOs

Any business owner knows there are thousands of things to do. We help you make decisions and complete tasks that will provide the highest return.

The best part? We'll do most of the work too. It's like hiring a consultant but with actual tangible results. A new frontier is a scary place. We'll guide you through it from right here in Houston (well, we're in Kansas City, but"Kansas City, we have a problem" doesn't sound as cool)

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Life Support Systems

Humans were made to run on earth, and you were made to run your business. We get it, you're busy, and you don't need another item on the agenda. So let us take care of it.

Seriously, we'll do it all. From assisting with sourcing guests to live, pre, and post-production to distribution, we've got it covered.

You just need to show up and look pretty. just like the astronauts did (ok, they went through a rigorous training program, but they looked great while doing it).

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Let's Take Off

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