Who We Are

Space Tim Media is on a one-way trip to a new frontier. Podcasts have been around for a longtime, and podcast agencies have been around for just about as long. But we think podcasts are a powerful tool that most businesses are missing entirely or underutilizing.

Our entire team has been working on podcasts through some of the most exciting times in the industry. We've learned a thing or two, and we've seen some incredible growth while doing it. Now we're ready to share what we've learned and help businesses worldwide use this fantastic tool.

We'll help you take your business to new heights by producing, distributing, and leveraging your podcast. We'll see you in the stratosphere (views are great up here)!

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Where We're From

Our ownership team is Jaron Myers and Tim Stone. Jaron is a standup comedian and social media influencer with over a million followers across all platforms. Over the years, Myers has learned the art of social media most importantly how to wheather changes in the algorithm. He regularly pushes posts past the 9 figure mark in views and, more importantly, pushes six figure engagement numbers.

Tim Stone is a seasoned marketing professional with 10 years experience in digital marketing. Over the years, he's been involved in hundreds of advertising campaigns, built hundreds of websites, and watched his clients climb the SERP's.

Together the duo hosts their flagship podcast Things I Learned Last Night that has landed on Apple's top 200 list multiple times and been voted Kansas City's best podcast. The show has amassed over 1.5 million downloads and has been viewed nearly 2 million times in long form video. What's more, their short form clips have been seen by well over 30 million people on social media.

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Where We're Going

Now we are taking our team of audio engineers, videographers, and marketers into B2B to help brands break into podcasting. We genuinely believe that podcasting is the next big frontier and we want to help as many businesses as we can reach the stars. Are you coming with us?

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